Do you guys check in via the app AND send the fax?

Just wondering if I should check in using the MDE app as well as send in a fax for a particular room, or just do the fax.


Yes I do online check in, but don’t make room requests there.

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Thank you!

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I check in via the app or the website and use the fax. If I make requests doing online check-in I just make sure they do not contradict what is in the fax.

The room requests on MDE are very general. I just checked mine and the only options were select two of “Water View”, “Large Balcony”, “Highest Floor”, “Upper Floor”

The fax lets me be much more specific.

This too. As long as you don’t contradict the online in the specificity of the fax.

For our stay this past May, I checked in using MDE requesting an upper floor, then used the TP fax service to request the exact room I wanted at POR. I got that exact room!

That’s what I did. Crossing my fingers!

I will try to remember to report in tomorrow. I requested Broadway, Top Floor in my check-in and added “corner room” as a third priority in the fax with the pre-populated room numbers from my selected room.

(Of course if it gets to 3 and I have not gotten the room number yet, I may pay a visit to the desk and ask if there is one available anywhere I can get into so I do not have to deal with storing the bags and picking the bags up at 1am or later after VAH.)