Do you ever feel like someone does not want you to go to Disney

I feel like this trip might not happen. After months and months of planning this trip, we might have to cancel. First DD last day of school was pushed back. No problem I rebooked everything. Then my front steps broke and we had to replace them. Last night DW had a tire blow out and hit the curb. She did about $3,500 damage to the car. She was not hurt and is fine. Thank God for insurance, and THANK GOD for my PARENTS. They told me not to worry they would help us out with the repairs. So right now we are still going but I’m scared that the powers that be don’t want us to go. Oh yea one last thing we are going to be there when profmatt is too, so you see one thing after another.


It’ll be like Christmas and birthday on the same day. Twice the fun.


Why thank you that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me.



You’re being tested on your resolve to have this family time, which is maybe more important to your family well-being than you know and so evil forces are conspiring to make you stay home.

You MUST go, now. You can’t let them win!

Anyway, you’ve had three bad things happen, so all that’s left is the good luck. You’ve used up your bad luck. Go, have fun.

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Thank you that is what I needed to hear. Unless you’re the evil forces trying to set me up. Well if you are I say bring it on we’re going. lol

Thank You

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Seriously, life will always be around to get in the way somehow. Make time for family.

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Hang in there! I felt the same way with our trip. We booked it last April for November but then DD7 shattered her elbow two weeks out and needed surgery. Rebooked for Jan and then I needed surgery. Then two weeks before our final reschedule of April I got pneumonia and kids got flu and then 4 days out DH broke his toe. We drove to the airport with me sitting on an ice pack b/c of sciatica pain (and man do I sound old and haven’t even hit 40 lol)
I laughed at all this b/c once we got there, all was good. I forgot all about it until we got back in our car at the airport and I noticed the ice pack.
Hang in there!

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