Do you decorate tour room door or windows?

I used to put up a few store bought Halloween decarations. But last year I went all out. I drew and colored the Kiss the Girl scene.

Now my DH will not let me do otherwise. I think k will do a Monsters Inc scene for my next trip. Here is my work from last September.


I love this!

We’re staying at ASMusic in July and DH was just saying that we need to remember to bring things for the window!

We will be at Pop in July for my daughter’s 17th birthday. I’m trying to figure out something to do for the windows.

Last visit at Pop, we decorated one window with clings and post it notes and our other room we got a dry erase board and had passersby answer a QOD like “favorite Disney experience”. Looking forward to adding some battery powered light strings this coming visit. Disney window clings are easy to find on eBay.

Love it. Going for anniversary in late September and my favorite Disney movie is Lady and the Tramp … will look for something