Do you churn through ADRs?

I’m kinda embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve revised my dining plans, and I’m still 152 days out. The only thing I haven’t changed is my BOG dinner (!).

Otherwise, I have rethought parks and park-hopping, and decided to add F! Was initially booked for an F! dining package with dinner at H&V, kept stalking for other options, and lunch at MM opened up. I’ve pushed Biergarten later to ensure that we’ll see the musicians. Changed CP lunch to pre-RD breakfast. Swapped lunch for dinner elsewhere. Etc.

I feel like this is nuts. DH thinks I’m completely crazy and refuses to spend any more time talking about what we might be eating in 5 months. And poor, over-burdened Disney IT, managing all these reservation changes :blush:

My husband is the same way! I do this too and it drives him crazy. That’s why it’s great to go here to have someone to bounce ideas off or read what others are doing and have tried. My husband says if I mention one more trip detail he will opt out of going,

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For our trip in February I changed every single ADR at least once. I’m trying not to change our November trip too much but I’ve changed a couple and probably will change a couple more. It’s addictive.

Yep. Exactly the same. I’m 32 days out and I keep changing as new ones become available or I change my mind. Parks are locked and loaded now with having FPP done, but I’m constantly changing.

Even my TA made a comment that she has printed my plans to mail to me several times but keeps seeing I’m making changes. I told her everything is considered fluid until the day we leave. :smile:

And same here, my DH pretty much ignores what I tell him because he know it will change again.

Glad I’m not alone in this!

Yes, definitely. I’ve made and cancelled probably 30 ADRs for our upcoming trip.

I do make some changes, though not quite at the volume many are describing. I usually switch up or add a few on each trip. Right now I am struggling to figure out if I have enough. We are taking my in-laws for the their first trip since they took my DH when he was little (and hated it). They want to save money, but I love my ADRs, and I think that they might actually really enjoy the sit down eating, especially after a long park day. Can’t move my parks around at this point, though.

Currently have HBD on arrival day, followed by Frozen fireworks; Day 2 = BOG FPP, no ADR; Day 3 = HDDR; Day 4 = pre-RD Akershus; Day 5: TH at 10:45 for brunch. Any thoughts on additions? No PH option this time; plan to do mid-day break each day.

iheart, “how many is too many” is the bane of my existence. We have a little boy who will be turning 5, so no need for princesses, but want to get some character meals in. I’d rather do meals than stand in line for character m&gs, plus we’re doing a short DCL cruise after this, so will get additional m&g opportunities there. Also, DS only really eats well in a structured environment (sitting down at a table), so would rather plan meals than “grab and go.” I may have too many ADRs, though? Your plan sounds good.

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We are big adr people but this time I only scheduled 2 character ones.

FYI I said the same thing last trip but found that the pictures in the lines came out much better :slight_smile: AND along those lines, my son (2 at the time) didn’t eat at character breakfasts. There was too much going on.

I’ve only got TH and CP for characters for DS. BOG, with Beast, for me :smile:

My concern is that we’re there for 5 full days, but have 2 ADRs in a day on 3 of those. There are “good” reasons for that, I think, but I’ve been told it’s too many. MK is pre-RD CP on DS’s birthday the same day I got BOG dinner, which is a must-do for me. Epcot has so many food options, and comparatively little “fun” for a little guy, that I scheduled Biergarten for fun for DS and DH, but also want to do Marrakesh because I LOVE Morocco. Then we ended up with 2 in DHS, because DH must have SciFi and we wanted the seating with the F! package (got MM).

I mean, we’ll eat out multiple meals a day on vacation anywhere else, so I kind of don’t see the big deal with “all the sitting.” It’s “lost touring time,” I guess, but we’re going to eat anyway, and there’s no such thing as quick eating with DS.

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People tell us it’s too much as well but we have 2 adrs a day (and did last time) and we loved it. We like to take that break. ALSO we don’t do nap time (tried it and found it didn’t work for us) so that dinner break really helped.

I would keep them, you could always cancel (the day before) if you see two meals aren’t working for your family. Only you know your kid :slight_smile:

OH and I did BOG too – but that one is for me as well. I said this one is MOMMY’s ADR. (in fact, My sister and I said if we only could get an ADR for two we were taking it and leaving the boys to fend for themselves for dinner. We need to eat in that castle!

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I do it too! Of course my issue usually starts with my habit of changing my mind about resorts. Last trip I changed part of my split stay to AKL so of course I had to add Jiko, Sanaa and Boma.

I don’t think 2 TS meals a day is to much, especially if it’s a early breakfast and a later dinner with a qs lunch in between if needed. I’m 413 days out and if I meantion it to my husband again he may stab me in the middle of the night. I’m tossed up with the dining plans also… I’m have the “standard plan” in my reservation already, with hopes that free dining will come out which will give my account a nice “credit”. If I upgrade to the deluxe it will be like I’m basically paying for the “standard” plan with maybe a $16 difference. I have a few 2 TS credit meals I would like to do but aren’t definites. So… Sigh, I feel you! Lol

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I typically do 2 TS meals a day. For my upcoming trip, I have 14 ADRs. I have my day-by day plans pretty much set before my 180, and with them, my ADR plans. If I get all of the ones I wanted, I VERY rarely make changes. I’m now at 103 days; I haven’t changed any yet, and I don’t expect to between now and when I go.


I think the planning is half the fun! If I feel like everything looks good, I look for something to change. I get excited if I find something because then it’s a domino effect where I have to make other changes. If I’m not making changes, I spend time tweaking touring plans. It’s like a virtual walk through. So addicted to the planning.


Yes I am constantly changing and flipping around. I also have many extras booked until I am able to get our FPP to finalize park days. So stay tuned I will have several BOG and other popular restaurants to cancel I will post.

I think I must be a rare breed. I might change one or two ADR’s, maybe a hand full of times before we go. Usually, they are set in stone and i wont change them. It looks like you’re in good company though. :wink:

Only reason I changed this time was because my son and my niece are on this insane Lilo and Stitch kick and I think they would flip at Ohana. Other than that, I got pretty much everything I wanted so I’m not messing with it. (I am trying to get a better time for 1/2 of us for BOG though but that’s another issue)

@jennythepooh totally agree the planning is has much part of the holidays as is the holiday its self. and it last longer lol

Was looking at flights, and might incorporation another half day or so at the parks based on some of the flight options. DH outright accused me of adding more time so that I could do more planning, lol!

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I always jiggle around my ADR’s. For me the planning part is almost as much fun as when we are there. Almost…