Do we have time to squeeze in dinner?

We’re planning on doing Bilzzard Beach in the day and then AK at night on Thurs May 11. We’ll be able to leave POR for AK around 5 pm. The key thing in AK is our FOP 6:30-7:30pm FP.

Right now we have a late night reservation for dinner at Morimoto Asia after we’re done at AK. I do worry we’ll be too tired to enjoy dinner, though. I’m wondering if that 5-7:30 window is enough time to get from POR to Disney Springs, eat dinner at Morimoto Asia with the 5:40 ADR that’s currently available, and get to FOP by 7:30. We’re happy to use Uber/Lyft if needed. What do you think?

I’d say we could try to switch to a restaurant in AK to make logistics easier, but we’re really not very interested in the full service restaurants in AK. We weren’t very interested in the menu at Tiffins. Yak and Yeti’s menu looks good but it gets so-so ratings. If I’m going to spend that much on a meal, I want it to be fabulous! Plus, there’s no ADR currently available in our timeframe at Yak and Yeti.

Have you eaten at Satu’li Canteen yet? I know it’s not a table service restaurant, but we thought it was REALLY good. One of our favorite meals of the trip. In my opinion, the food was very fresh and high quality, so it really felt different from a typical QS meal. And it would give you time to explore Pandora at night, if you haven’t already done it during your trip.

To answer your actual question, your plan is probably doable IF: you don’t have to wait for a bus/Uber AND you’re sat immediately upon arriving at the restaurant AND you don’t encounter a line at security AND no one has to go to the bathroom along the way AND you’re not traveling with small children, etc. In theory it could work, but it doesn’t leave much room for unexpected delays.

WAY too tight.

Satu’li Canteen is AMAZING food. It’s QS, but doesn’t seem like it. I’d grab dinner there.

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No I wouldn’t risk that. It’s technically possible but unlikely that you’d make it.

Agreed. We went twice last year, and it’s on the schedule for this year’s trip.

Also, if you order online, there’s zero waiting.

Darn! I was afraid of that. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the tip on Satu’li Canteen. My MIL is watching the kids for us for two nights while we’re at Disney so DH and I can have a couple of date nights. We don’t get many of those! It just doesn’t feel satisfying to plan a QS dinner (even a nice one) for one of our nights out.

Maybe I’ll see if DH is open to considering Yak and Yeti. I could put in a reservation request to try and find an ADR around 6.

How about something at Animal Kingdom Lodge? I have never eaten there but the restaurants seem to get rave reviews. It would put you closer and cut out the DS traffic.

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We really like Yak & Yeti. You can get a Landry’s card and not need to wait. I believe it costs $25 and provides you with a $25 credit. Also works at a couple of other restaurants on property!

Just to echo the previous posters’ sentiments on Satu’li Canteen - it really is excellent! I definitely understand if this doesn’t feel quite right for a date night though. You mention seeing some negative reviews for Yak & Yeti; you will see negative opinions about pretty much every restaurant in WDW, but we’ve been to Yak & Yeti lots of times and have never had a bad meal there. As far as reservations go, just get a Landry’s card and that won’t be an issue since the card guarantees you’ll be seated at the next available table. The amount you pay for the card is credited to your account, and can be used the first time you eat there, so it’s effectively free. :slight_smile:

Sanaa, Jiko, and Boma are options for every interest—TS, signature, and buffet, respectively

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I don’t know if it would be too crowded, but perhaps the Nomad Lounge would provide a nice balance of romantic plus quick and convenient?

@lecras and @melcort10 - thanks for the tip! I’ve never heard of a Landry’s card before. Does it replace a ADR, or does it just get you a shorter wait with your ADR?

We were planning on Sanna for our other date night. Do you think that could be doable for the Thursday if we get an ADR at the right time? I actually have an ADR for Sanna for 5:55 on Thursday (I’ve been playing with my TP, if you can’t tell :slight_smile: I feel like @profmatt) that we haven’t let got of quite yet.

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You don’t need an ADR, you will be seated next. I think you pay $25 for the card and then that is put on it as a credit to spend. You also get $25 in your birthday month which you could set as the month you are visiting.

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I would think if you Uber/Lyft to AKL at 5 and got an earlier ADR or at least checked in early, you could make it. 530 non-rushed dinner, and then over to AK by 730. If it won’t stress you out worrying about the FPP and prevent you from enjoying dinner, I would do it. Disclaimer is that I’m staying at AKL next trip for first time so I really don’t know about travel times to/from AKL so I am just guessing here.

That is SO awesome! Thank you all very much for telling me about the card.


For a “date night” dinner, I HIGHLY recommend Jiko at AKL. The food is some of the best in WDW, and if there is a “romantic” setting, it would be here. It’s a 5 minute bus ride from AK, so there wouldn’t be the rush factor. And if you never been to Jambo house, the lobby is a reason in and of itself to go to AKL.

Okay, new plan: do dinner at Yak and Yeti as soon as we get into AK. I’ll try to get an ADR for 6ish, but if I can’t I’ll use the Landry’s Card. You guys are the best!


Too hurried.

My original plan or the new plan?