Do wait times change a few days before a trip?

My trip starts April 27 so I won’t have any more Crowd Calendar updates. Does TP typically adjust wait times in the days prior or are the times pretty much set? I think the challenge with my dates is it’s the first full week after Easter vacation and going from very high CLs to quite low ones. I would think there would be an adjustment period.

I think that they are dynamic.

I always operate on evaluate night before and even the morning of to make sure you are working with the most current data

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I planned on it but how often does it actually change?

I think it updates as people enter wait times. That is what I meant by dynamic. It responds to the information we provide. Is that correct @len?


That’s my impression too


This is also my understanding. Wait times changes constantly throughout the day. This is why I am a huge fan of the “optimize throughout the day” method.


@len. Can you help with this?

They definitely change during the day you’re in the park. We have “day-of” models that run every 5 minutes, based on all the wait times we’ve collected that day.

We normally release new wait-time estimates once a month, typically the first week of the month. I wouldn’t expect anything before April 27 @Flutegarden.


Thank you.

Ok, we have proved that @len is not Beetlejuice - we only had to say his name twice before he appeared. :smiley:




For all four of our days in March, I had to re-evaluate the day before and the times had all gone up. It meant massaging the order of things and maybe leaving out something. I did check the morning of on each day, but they were the same as the night before. That said, certainly things were changing while we were in the park.

The plan needs to be a strong guideline, but if you’re able to make changes on the fly, you’ll be better off. For example, we had HM as 3rd on our MK day, but when we got over there, it was down. It was too early for our FP and too late to walk back to Tomorrowland. We just bumped Splash up from later in the day and kept watching HM times. They never recovered from that downtime, however and we ended up skipping it, but we got to see plenty of other things anyway, so it’s all good.

Having the app to check times was definitely helpful