Do Universal Tickets expire?


I am currently planning our next trip to Orlando in November 2018.

9 night at Disney are booked and we want to go to Universal for two days.

It seems that nobody can answer my question, if Universal base tickets expire. Universal just answered: The 2-Park 2-Day Base Ticket entitles one (1) guest admission to EITHER Universal Studios Florida OR Universal’s Islands of Adventure per day. Ticket is valid for any two (2) calendar days during a seven (7) consecutive calendar day period which includes the first day any portion of the ticket is used. Unused days shall be forfeited. If all days are not used within the seven (7) consecutive calendar day period.

But I need to know if tickets are valid for 12 months or anything or don’t have an expiration date at all. I want to buy tickets as early as possible to avoid the next price increase :wink: Maybe somebody knows the answer here. TIA

I cannot answer for all the tickets, but when I bought my Universal tickets for my upcoming trip from Undercover Tourist, I got them at a slight discount than the other tickets they were selling, but they expire at the end of May. Maybe call them and ask?

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As long as the ticket isn’t tied to a specific event it won’t expire until you use them. After you use the ticket you have 14 days to redeem the rest of the value of the ticket or it will expire.

So if you have just a general admission park ticket, you’ll be fine buying them in advance and using them when you get down there.


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From our experiences. 3rd party tickets have expiry dates in MOST cases generally dec 31st that year but not always. Special offer tickets ALWAYS have expiry dates ie the buy 2 days get 2 days free regardless of vendor . Buying basic ticket direct from universal will state very clearly if you must enter by a specific date currently they do not have an expiry date on them.
Can I suggest getting 2 day park to park tickets instead. You need p2p to ride the Hogwarts express. As parks are very close together and have different opening and closing times p2p tickets are invaluable.


Resurrecting this thread as the question is very similar to mine, but the wording on the ticket has changed.

I just bought a Special Offer 1-day 2-park ticket from Undercover Tourist at a pretty good discount, enough that I’m worried it expires before intend to use it (May 30, 2020). The ticket has the following information:



It clearly says it “expires in full 11/22/2020” but it also says it can be used “any one calendar day corresponding to its season.” The calendar found at the link only goes through the end of April, but I’m not sure if that means this ticket is only valid through April, or if they just haven’t released the pricing calendar past that date yet.

Does anyone know what they mean by “corresponding to its season?” Is my ticket really valid for any day through 11/22/2020?

Thanks in advance!

Update: I already received a response to my email inquiry to UT and they confirmed that my ticket is valid on 5/30/20 or any day up to one year from purchase (i.e., 11/22/20). Great deal! And very quick response from UT - definitely check out their tickets.

By the way, I got the special offer after purchasing my WDW tickets from them (which I also got a good deal on) - it was a special link on the page right after the payment confirmation. So if you are planning on purchasing UOR tickets and don’t have a better option, I recommend getting both WDW and UOR tickets through Undercover Tourist, and hopefully if you buy WDW tickets first you will get the same special offer, which is even better than their published offer elsewhere in their newsletter and site. I only wonder if I would have gotten a better deal the other way around (UOR first then WDW) …

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