Do tours ruin the magic?

We are making our 4th trip this summer. Kids are 14 and 12. In the interest of making each trip as unique a possible, we are considering the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Can anyone tell us how they make 5 hours out of it and whether you feel like it makes MK less special? Is it like seeing how the sausage is made?

Tours that may lessen the magic, including Keys to the Kingdom, are listed as adults only. All others will still be magical.

You have to be 16 to go on most tours, including Keys to the Kingdom. And they do ask for ID.

It’s a great tour, lots of Disney history about the making of WDW; showing you the theming details of Main St, Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square; backstage where floats and rehearsals for the parade take place; the Utilidors plus info on Pirates and HM which you get to ride.

Ah. That settles that, then. I was looking at several descriptions of tours and mixed up in my head which ones were 12 and up. Thought I had read that KttK was 12+. Guess I’ll stop thinking about that one for this trip. Thanks, guys.

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We did the Walt Disney: Marcelline to Magic Kingdom tour when my kids were 17 and 15 (too young for the 16+ KttK tour). It’s for ages 12+. It was a little shorter and cheaper - 3 hours, I think, and included behind the scenes at HM, Small World and CoP. We all loved it! It explained a lot of the “magic” - like how the ghosts dance, etc. but just made it cool to know the “secrets”.