Do they still sell the Light up Flower Popcorn bucket (Lotus) at AK and if so where in AK is it?

Our young girls saw an old Youtube video with the popcorn bucket and was hoping they still sell it.
We’re headed to WDW is just over 2 weeks (FINALLY) and wanted to know cause if so our first stop will be AK to get the bucket even though our touring plan is for Epcot that first day. Family is a fan of huge popcorn but didn’t want to waste the time going to AK first to get. Thanks in advance.

Alas, no one seems to know. Maybe I can ask a different question that would help me. Are all popcorn buckets limited time only? So there’s no chance a bucket from a year or two ago would possibly be available still? I assumed only the seasonal or festival buckets were limited time only but if it’s true for all buckets then I’ll know it can’t possibly still be available.

As far as I know, all buckets are limited time only, even the not as “nice” and themey ones. They switch them out constantly.

I haven’t seen the Lotus Blossom popcorn bucket for a long time, sorry.

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Ok thanks. Yep I found out on Facebook all buckets are limited time. Oh well, guess we’re getting the Sulley bucket! :slight_smile: