Do they adjust down for price? :)

Planning to call later today but curious what others’ experience had been - we have a pkg already booked for March (POR, DDP, 8-day tix + MM for 2 adults/2 kids). Dates fall within range now on Stay/Play/Dine discount on their website.
Will they simply do a price adjustment over the phone, or is it a cxl/rebook kinda thing? Have ADRs already, are they affected? Room we currently have booked is showing unavailable online (Royal, pool view).
From Canada, so any help with our (terrible!) exchange rate is welcomed!!

Yes it is a cancel/rebook kinda thing, or better yet, book then cancel.

ADRs are not involved. You can book, and use, ADRs without a room.

Royal, pool view may not be available with S/P/D. Depending on the time
of year, they may not need to discount those rooms.

We got the Playstaydine last week and they did not cancel and rebook - she just “applied the code” - that’s what the CM on the phone said - and we have the same reservation # as before. We were able to keep our preferred room at the CBR…

Just to update - CM was able to adjust res without having to cxl, only adjustment was to garden view rather than pool view. Super helpful, glad to get the discount!!

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