Do they actually "run" a check on your DVC card to get a discount on tickets or DAH?

I was thinking about doing the DAH event at Hollywood Studios on March 30th. Very much up in the air whether or not to do it because of price. But if the event was still available on our arrival day, which I doubt it will be, but if it is and I can get a DVC discount I might consider doing it. But there is a catch here.

I am a DVC member that has a blue physical card even though I was sent one by mistake. I bought re-sale after the cut off date. I was able to use this card to get the discounts with purchases on dining, gift shops, ect. last year. They do not run a check on the card for me to get the discounts, they just look at the gift card and my ID. But would they actually run a check on the card to get the discount on tickets and events like this?

You might get lucky and they give you the discount, but be prepared for them to say no.

Yes, they do check your status when you actually purchase (or book) them. You won’t get through to the actual page if you aren’t eligible. So if you buy in person they will also check your eligibility online.

And they also do that at the Epcot lounge when you get up to it. When you join the queue, they just look at the card.

And then when you collect the tickets / wristband / AP you have to show the card, and the proof of residence for the APs.

I kinda thought this would be the case.

I don’t think it’s ever wise to try something like that because the backfire is too bit a risk.

ETA when I run my DVC number through to check for discounts as I purchase things, it also just bounces it out when I’m not eligible (resale - most things) and gives an error message “Sorry you are not eligible for this discount” So it might do that on transaction anyway

Oh i have gotten numerous other discounts on purchases. They just looked at the card, never ran a check on those.

You’re referring to a cast member who is looking at your card and then applies a discount on a purchase. That person isn’t running a check your DVC status at the register.

It’s things that go through the larger system, such as discounts on tickets.

The CMs at the Epcot lounge and Top of the World are specifically there to be gatekeepers. Their main function is to check whether or not you have access.

I added DAH at AK before it was available to book online. When I called they had to process the discount through my AP because DVC had to go though member services. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a check in the online system.

Also a warning here too to any DVCers who haven’t booked before.

If you have a reservation booked on non-qualifying points or cash, you are still able to book but 9/10 times you need to phone Member Services a day or two ahead and get them to flag something on your ressie. So that when you try booking online it recognises you as being eligible.

Even then, there is a chance you will be locked out. I’ve seen a lot of very unhappy members who end up locked out because they have both qualifying and non-qualifying points.

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Right, this is what I was thinking was the protocol.

I am not eligible. But I have a blue card, Lol.

Which means you can get discounts and so on.

But you won’t get into the Epcot lounge, and you won’t be able to buy the discounted AP or book for any of the special events, since they absolutely do check.

The only benefit you get really is a guaranteed discount at shops and restaurants, rather than wondering if you will or not.

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