Do these times seem right?

We are going to MK on 12/7 which is a Monday non-party day and not a recommended park. Crowd level is 6 for the park and 4 for WDW. We cannot arrive until 1:00. Wait time for Big Thunder Mountain at 2:00 is 20 minutes, Jungle Cruise at 7:26 is 8 minutes and Space Mountain at 8:18 is listed as 0 minutes. I looked at times today for MK with similar crowd levels and the numbers were higher. Do these amounts seem correct or could there be a problem with my tour plan for that day? I keep seeing reports during the Halloween party about how crowded MK is on non-party days so the times seem low. I’d be thrilled if they turn out to be correct!

Those times look way off. @len , did you post that there was a correction coming?

That’s what I was afraid of. I keep hitting evaluate to see if there is a change. @len, i hope things can be updated soon so we can adjust our plans as necessary.

Those times could not possibly be right; those are numbers I would expel to see on a 1 or 2 day - and even then, anything less then 20 min for those attractions (except maybe right at RD) just don’t happen.

Thank you for the reply. Hopefully, there will be a correction soon so that I can adjust things as needed.

I’ve been checking and my times are still exactly the same. I keep reading that things will be updated soon but my trip is quickly approaching and I’d like to try and finalize my plans. Any news on when I can count on the updates being implemented?

Len started a new thread yesterday : Update on WDW Crowd Calendar Updates