Do these parks on these days make the most sense?

Wondering if it is better or worse to go to Disneyland on a non MM day, but on the lower of the two crowd days, vs. going on a MM day and jamming thru a bunch of rides, but then losing out on the only non-EMH day for DCA while we are visiting (we aren’t staying at a Disney hotel). Traveling with an 8 1/2 yo and 2 1/2 yo, so looking to minimize lines, use rider swap & maximize our morning touring. Maybe I am over thinking the impact EMH days have on our ability to knock out a bunch of great rides at DCA.

Which of the below plans seems smarter, based on your experience?

Some details: Arrive 2pm into SNA on Thur 10/19 - Depart Tues, 10/24 at 3.45pm. Staying at Homewood Suites in Anaheim. Friday and Monday are likely MNSSHP days. Sat & Tues are Disney MM days. Sat. is the only non EMH DCA day during our visit

Plan A:
Fri: Disneyland (don’t attend MNSSHP) Crowds 5/10.
Sat: DCA Crowds 8/10. NOTE: it’s an MM day at Disney with crowds 9/10. Non EMH Day for DCA.
Sun. Rest day. 7/10 crowd
Mon: Disneyland + MNSSHP (with afternoon nap break). 3/10 crowds. Long day!
Tues: Sleep in, no parks, Leave hotel at 1pm for airport. MM Disneyland. 5/10 crowds.

Alt Plan:
Fri: Disneyland + MNSSHP (with afternoon nap break for youngest). Benefit: stay out late while kids are still on mountain time! Long first day though.
Sat. - Rest day. Sleep in.
Sun. - DCA, (EMH day). Crowd 7/10.
Mon. - Disneyland. 3/10.
Tues - open/return to favorite park to do a few last favorite rides before leaving for airport.

We were in WDW over Thanksgiving 2 years ago, and our plans/fast passes worked like a charm. Little to no waits - even over a crazy busy time. It seems like its much harder to finesse line avoidance at Disneyland, especially in Fantasyland.

First I think it depends on how important the MHP is for you and the kids. My kid loves it we would not miss it. But then, we would probably go to the parks every day, just adjust our schedule for light days and long days.

This is what our schedule would probably look like with my 9yo:

  • Fri DL (maybe with a late start) + MHP, with an afternoon break
  • Sat DCA, late start (so kids have sleep)
  • Sun - DL at rope drop
  • Mon DCA at rope drop
  • Tues - Revisit what’s left.

We try to alternate like that as well, especially on busy days. A little wrench in the plan–there are rumors out there that MHP might be moving to DCA to change traffic flow a bit. We’ll see if that materializes or not.