Do these Epcot TP's look OK? Edit: Real links to TP's added

Hi All, we are headed to WDW for the first time in late March. I’m playing around with TP’s to see where it might be good to have FP’s. We have decided that we will do some things together and split up for part of the day. DH and DS15 will do TT and DD5 and I will do FEA.

I am linking the TP’s here for review, if you think there is something wrong or that I should reconsider, please let me know. Right now we have lunch at Akershus and plan to leave after, we have not ruled out coming back in the evening to see the world showcase.

You need to publish the plans so other people can see them. :slightly_smiling_face: It should be under the gray box at the top under the edit button.

oops Ok

So sorry, here are the plans

I would move the spaceship earth FPP to 10am.

The fea fp will hold the girls back, in a sense, since they are hard to come by, but the boys should be able to sneak in another tier 1 fp or 2 after their tt.

Also, during lunch, you guys should find another fp for the group for before you leave the park for your break. (Might as well, you’re there, right?)

Thanks, I did that and it looks better… I appreciate the feedback

Yes! I was hoping there would be a same day Soarin’ FP we could pick up and do on the way out. We’ve never been to WDW but the Soarin’ reviews make it seem worthwhile to do twice if possible.

Suggestions for a first timer:
Livin With the Land is a constant loading boat ride in the same pavillion as Soarin. Nice little “break ride.”
There’s also a 25.00 1 hour tour of the stuff that the ride goes through, that might be up your alley. Of course, ymmv. The tour is called, “behind the seeds.”

In WS, try not to miss the street shows, if at all possible.
Sergio in Italy
Seveur Amusant in France
Chinese Acrobats
Japanese Drummers
I try to plan my WS path around them. I think Sergio is fantastic.

Jammitors are a riot as well.

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Thank you! I wish I had 2 days to do Epcot, one day for rides and one day for the WS. We are going to see whatever we can in the WS, thank you for the recommendations. We will catch what we can, and I guess I will have to plan another trip for the rest…