Do the Rooms at Pop have hairdryers?

Probably a silly question but I can’t find info on this… anyone know?

Yes they do!

Just call the front desk and they’ll send up someone with a towel. They’ll have it dry in no time!


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I think ALL disney hotel have hair dryers, right ?

I thought they probably did but I checked several sites and they mentioned every other amenity. One place I read said hairdryers were “available on request” which seemed weird to me. I’m definitely not packing one if I don’t have to! Thanks :slight_smile:

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They do but they’re not the best. Usual hotel hair dryer, you know? I’m picky about my hair dryer and usually bring my own everywhere. Although TBH it’s so humid in FL that most of the time my hair is up - and then I don’t use the hairdryer at all!

Makes sense! I’m the opposite of you - short hair that barely needs a dryer here in dry Colorado, but Florida is a different thing altogether. Anything that blows hot air will work (insert pun here).