Do the park ticket kiosks open when the car parks open, or at least before the parks open?

We bought our tickets online through Disney but need to show up with the voucher and our ID to have it validated (usual procedure for non US guests it seems).

Our touring plans require us to be at the park for opening and the guide book suggests getting there earlier (which we’ll do) but I can’t find any info on when the ticket kiosks open. Does anyone on here know if the ticket kiosks open early, and if so if they are open when the car parks open, or how long before the parks open?

I appreciate any help…

Not sure when they open.

But the car parks don’t close, so you could get there are 4am and be able to park.

However I wouldn’t think the ticket kiosks would open much before the earliest park entry time (as in it will open at or a little before say EMH or EMM).

Can you get to one the evening before, or is this arrival day? If not staying onsite, DS is an option.

We arrive the evening before. We were hoping to avoid DS after a long flight, but I guess we’ll have to reconsider that if we want to be in the park as soon as it opens for our touring plans to work.

Never would’ve thought that the car parks were open 24/7…

Many thanks! :grinning:

Ticket counters open at official park opening time in my experience.

KSC? All I can think of is Kennedy Space Center…

Oh for the love of. …

Autocorrect at it’s finest. I think I meant kiosk! I’ll edit it :joy:

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Haha! It’s ok!! I was just confused. :smiley:

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Well, I have a definitive answer after emailing Disney. The ticket booths open an hour prior to park opening. Thanks to all who replied.