Do TA still get paid with all this mess?

My travel agent has been nothing but a dream throughout all of this mess. I asked her to change my trip to July 2021 today and afterwards, wondered if she’s getting compensated at all for any of this. If she isn’t, I would like to send her an Amex gift card or something as a thank you.

Does anyone know? (Maybe @OBNurseNH?)

She will be paid the usual commissions on your trip after you have traveled 7/2021. Nothing extra for all this mess - which is why you want to use a TA because otherwise the mess is on your hands to manage.

I’m glad you’ve got a good TA :slight_smile:

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Thank you for replying @OBNurseNH! Yes, this entire experience should confirm for everyone why using a completely free Disney TA is worth it!!!

I feel terrible that TAs are not getting compensated for their time and I hope Disney does something nice for their amazing travel agents after all of this.

I am never one to look for pats on the head or other benefits/perks. But I definitely feel like TAs deserve some massive pixie dust when this settles.

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I wish I had a TA like you. I booked my reservation on my own but Disney sent my confirmation email to a TA I had used 3 years ago. I felt back and switched my reservation over to her back in the early spring. She has been completely unresponsive (and I mean I have not received responses on most of my emails and the one response I did get was 2 weeks after I emailed her) and I am not able to do anything on my own reservation now :frowning: It certainly has soured me on ever using a TA again. No good deed goes unpunished I guess.

How the heck did that happen?!

I’m sorry she hasn’t been responsive. If it has been 3 years, maybe she has stepped back? Still, if that is the case, she should have said as much.

I will say it has been very frustrating and overwhelming to be on the agent end of things since March. And I say that as a very low volume agent; I work full time and this is a side gig. I get just the right amount of “traffic” to keep me happy and not overworked. Those that are doing this as a career and whose livelihoods depend on it are absolutely massively overworked right now. I am thankful to be low vol right now.

I don’t know how that happened either. They even confirmed my email address when I called to switch my May reservation to September. She works for an agency and is still active. I can’t even imagine how crazy busy it must be a TA right now with all of this going on. I am so thankful I have this group to keep up to date on all the changes!

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