Do SOG guests get magic bands?

Planning a trip for June 2015 and considering staying at SOG. Would we get Magic Bands? Also, will we be able to make FPP at 60 days or 30 days? TIA!

Calling @bswan26 to confirm, but I believe they do not get Magic Bands and that they must wait until 30 days before to make FPP. They are considered off site since the DOD owns the property. They even have their own bus system. But as I haven’t stayed there myself we’ll let someone else confirm for you.

That’s what I was thinking, but since the Swan and Dolphin are doing FPP at 60 days I though maybe SOG was as well.

SoG can only book at 30 days. You don’t “get” MBs, but if you link your tickets on MDE, you can purchase one. I haven’t stayed at SoG since the whole MB thing started, but as far as I know they won’t serve as room keys and you will not be able to charge on it. You will be able to have admissions and FPPs on them.

Thanks @bswan26! I have stayed there before, but it’s been nearly ten years. Is it still nice? Also- we have magic bands from a previous trip, so if we link tickets on the Disney site, they should work for park entry and FPP, correct?

@seahawk (Go Hawks!), I don’t remember when the new wing was added and the huge refurb was completed, but if you haven’t been since then, it’s a spectacular change. If you HAVE been there since, at least up to 2 years ago, it still looked great. The functionality of the MBs is linked to whatever tickets you have linked in DME; the only connection to resort is that Disney resorts can book FPPs at 60 days (SoG is still stuck at 30 days). So yes, the MBs should work fine for FPPs and park entry.

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I believe that my last stay there was right after the refurb. It’s really the best value for us, so we’ve decided to stay there in June. I’m excited to see the changes. Thanks for all the info @bswan26!