Do restaurants open for breakfast earlier than published times?

Quick q - we’ve got first ADR of the day for Ale & Compass, which is 7:30. Early entry that day is 8:30. Is there any chance that they actually start seating/serving earlier than 7:30 so we can still make rope drop at IG?!

I don’t think so

Go to RD and then get a later breakfast


This is what we’ve started doing - especially in warmer weather.


I have had more than one bad experience trying to do this exact same thing at A&C. So much so I will not try to go to A&C before park open again. The last time I was there I checked in exactly 20 minutes ahead while standing outside the restaurant. No one was at the podium. When a cast member did arrive I witnessed them check in 2 couples and gave one couple a reservation that did not have one. All three parties were seated before me. I brought this to there attention but they had no explanation for why this happened and were not apologetic at all.
Sorry but this left such a bad impression I may never go back.


Oh and A&C never opens early.


I will say that as delicious as breakfast is there, and as awesome as the location is, they do seem to run behind and not manage the reservation check-in and seating process well. We waited to nearly an hour past our reservation time on one of our visits. Turned out fine in the end, but had the potential to bork up our day.

Yeah, this should not happen. I do love the food there but I can’t overlook this. I am just as happy with the food and get much better service across the lake at Trattoria al Forno.


Nor should you!

TAF is wonderful, and yes I’ve always had stellar service there.

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Thanks, all.

I mean - I love the chocolate waffles for sure. But this was truly an IG rope drop strategy since we’re staying at AKL.

If I were to make a lunch ADR would they let me park early enough for rope drop or no?!

they only allow parking within 1hr of the reservation (maybe 2 occasionally, but probably not at BC/YC) so this is unlikely to work for you.

Best option might be to drive/uber/bus to HS and skyliner over to IG


Uber to The Swan

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A great option unless car seats are needed. Not sure if this is grownups only or family trip. Not sure if kids have outgrown carseats even!

True, I somehow blocked memory of needing those things. Also Uber was not a thing back then.


You could always book a later breakfast and use it as brunch after rope dropping.

Speaking of Ale and compass breakfast, the menu shows those yummy entrees like the chocolate waffles and also has a slightly more expensive buffet that says it includes an entree.
Could I get the buffet AND chocolate waffles for the price of the buffet? :heart_eyes::face_with_monocle:


Once you get past a particular stage it’s kind of nice to forget that stuff!

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I think that’s what the buffet option is: buffet plus entree

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That just seems like such a deal! That’s how I read it too but didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. And maybe I’m just hungry.

My DH and DS both got that when we ate there last. It does seem too good to be true, but it was real!

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That is how it works! The buffet is not a full breakfast buffet, more continental style with pastries, fruit maybe yogurt. So you get your choice of entree as well. And the chocolate waffles are super yummy!

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