Do Polynesian standard rooms have a pull out couch (sofa bed)?

As the title states. I found out this weekend that my youngest has a love for sleeping on a sofa bed. I thought I remembered reading that the Polynesian slept 5 and I assumed that meant a sleeper couch, but I can’t tell from the Touring Plans room layout. This is for a standard room.


The Poly DVC studios sleep 5 and have a queen sleeper sofa, but last I knew the Poly standard room have 2 queen beds and sleep 4.

OK, thanks for clarifying!

The photos on the Disney website of standard rooms show 2 queens and a couch/bed/futon looking thing. It doesn’t look like a regular pull-out couch but more like a futon with a nicer mattress/cushion. It says it sleeps 5.

When I stayed in a Poly standard room it had a couch that did look like it could convert but I did not try it. I think it was green?

Editing to add: you can barely see it on the right

Yes, it’s a sofa bed. The kind that folds flat so a person is sideways. Look at this site’s hotel info page about the Poly. Near the bottom of the article is a link to a collection of photos. Number 57 of the 90 or so shows this sofa bed ready for sleeping.

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It’s about a twin size bed, if that info helps, and my four year old loved it last summer. It seemed very comfortable and I wouldn’t hesitate to sleep on it as an adult!

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Thanks for the tip! I found the picture, and it looks like my 9 year old will love it!