Do People Use Other Transport to Parks from AKL?

Staying at AKL for the first time during our July visit and no rental car. I see in videos that buses are the only transport option there. Does anyone recommend using some other means of getting back and forth to the parks, or do the buses do a great job from there?

I guess I’m mainly talking ride sharing apps and such.

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I have found many of the bus rides from AKL are shorter than from other deluxe resorts because they don’t share buses with other resorts.


If you have more time, than money, take the buses. If you have more money, than time, Lyft or cab.


I have found the bus service from AKL (both lodges) to be excellent. Never felt like we needed a car or ride service. It’s one of the more convenient bus resorts because there are only two stops that are very close together.

We took Mears back to MCO which also worked out well, but if I were to use a ride share, it would be then (we couldn’t because we needed car seats).


The plan is to Uber into Disney from MCO unless there’s a better option (just two of us) and to Uber out to Port Canaveral as we’re going on a non-Disney cruise at the end.

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We stayed at Kidani Vilage last year and thought the bus service was excellent. As others have said, the busses go straight to and from the lodges with no other stops. We had a split stay with Old Key West and found the buses to and from that resort much slower.


We did a combo of Uber/Lyft and buses. Most Uber/Lyft rides are under $15, with many being under $10! Definitely bus to MK because Uber takes you to TTC. I have splurged on a Minnie Van ride back from MK because the buses get so packed at the end of the night at MK, it can be really unpleasant.