Do Park Reservations Open Up?

Has anyone had any luck with theme park reservations opening up after they were full? I am looking at the possibility of sneaking down for a trip in the week leading up to Easter. Currently, there is no availability for Hollywood Studios during the entire length of my would be stay. It may be a deal breaker if we can’t get in there. MMRR opened up a few days after we left from our last trip, so getting on that is definitely a priority the next time we are down there. And, I really miss Oga’s.

Yes! Park reservations open up all the time, either because people cancel or because Disney adds capacity that was withheld previously, or reallocates reservations between categories. Keep checking. There is no guarantee you will find a reservation for HS since it’s such a hot ticket, but it’s worth a try.

Also, you may want to check if there is availability for resort guests if you are an AP or day ticket holder, for example. If there is, you may find it worth the cost to reserve a campsite at Ft. Wilderness or a cheap room at Pop Century so you can have a reservation for that one day.


I would definitely be staying onsite anyway, so it would be for the resort guest. Thanks for the response. I know it is going to be a tough one to get, and I am almost assuredly not going to get into Oga’s, unless I get super lucky. But, I wanted to know if it was even possible.

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It’s possible! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks, the real luck may be in convincing my wife we should even go. haha


Just saw this story:


All parks are green through April this morning. If you have a ticket you can reserve any day.

Looks like availability was added thru the rest of the year. Excluding October 1st

I hope @perkins314 checks this in time to snag one!


That’s the only day I need.

Which I had and which poofed and which they will not help me get back. I check 10 times a day

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Sorry to hear this. I know it sucks but all you can do is keep trying.

Thanks for the heads up. I still haven’t actually booked. We have a couple other things up in the air keeping me from finalizing.

Resurrecting this thread. We will be at WDW April 7 and 8. We currently have Epcot reserved for 4/7 and HS reserved for 4/8, but would love to change that to AK. Currently, AP holders have green everyday that week while other types of tickets are gray for everyday except Friday, 4/9. Is there a point where they might release AP reservations to other types of tickets? When would that normally happen or do I need to just keep checking daily?

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Have you tried just clicking to book, even though it shows as gray? That sometimes works.

As they get close to being full they’ll change the calendar, presumably to avoid the situation where there are 3 slots left and a family of 4 tries to book and finds they can’t despite the calendar showing the park is available.

I’m afraid to give up my HS reservation! :fearful:

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Ohhhhhhh. That changes things. I assume you don’t have park hopper tickets?

No, and we were hoping not to upgrade, but maybe we’ll have to. We really want to see AK at night.

I was about to be in your position, but gave up my 4/8 HS backup to book 4/9 AK a few weeks ago when everything suddenly booked up because I was afraid AK would book up too. Since we had added a day specifically for AK I couldn’t risk it. I really thought that they would move some of the AP bucket to resort guests at some point. Do you have another HS day? If you do keep HS that day, I have some ADRs to unload. Maybe we will cross paths that week!

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We are doing UOR earlier that week so just two park days at DW. Worst case scenario we go to HS and have a great time. But sure would love to switch!

We’re at Epcot 4/7 and either HS or AK 4/8. Does that match up with your schedule at all?

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We have Epcot 4/7 too! Maybe we’ll see you there!

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