Do most of both parks in one day help

I’ve read prev. similar posts, but they are old. Been to the park before, Hollywood version too. Looking to hit what’s new for us, which is Gringott’s, Hagrid’s, and Velocicoaster, etc… So a greatest hits requires those, some time in the World incl. both sides and Knockturn.

  • Will use early entry,* Will be a very busy day, * Don’t like simulator rides (FJ never again!). Here is the main list if you can help, with anything we can fit in elsewhere as a bonus is (question marks are could skip if I had to):

Hogwart’s Express both ways
Makeup Show
Men In Black

TP doesn’t have a plan like this, though I could use the early entry version for the first half of the day. Not sure about it considering Hagrid’s is not available for early entry and a few other things.

You can definitely do it in one day! Is EE at IOA? I’d recommend giving yourself time to look around all the HP stuff. Especially Diagon Alley! IMO, it’s much more detailed (and has more shops) than Hogsmeade. I will say, Bourne is fantastic, but it does use moving screens. If you have major issues with motion sickness, you might want to skip it! Check out the thread about Hagrids, but I would do it later in the day to avoid crazy waits. You could do IOA, lunch and head to USF, then finish back at IOA for Hagrids at night? That way you could also do HE both ways.

Thank you. This is the schedule when we are going:

"January 3-February 28, 2022
Available Attractions quoted from the website:

  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™
  • Flight of the Hippogriff™
  • Jurassic World VelociCoaster
  • Ollivanders™

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure will operate during regular park hours."

Yet they don’t have hours for either park listed yet. I have to assume 9-9 for IOA and maybe the same or 9-8 for Universal Studios on President’s Day Weekend

So it sucks that Hagrid is not open for early entry. I guess we could do Olivander’s again. Does this mean that those are the only open attractions for an hour? So you can do those, get breakfast and enter shops, but that’s it?

I think VelociCoaster, the Queue at FJ, and Olivanders and shop until park open and be at Kong or Hulk.

How do you get to USF and beat the crowd? Will HE open and get you to the other park right at park open or do you have to leave IOA, go to USF and go back to the turnstiles, or just wait and ride the train when it opens? I figure back at noon for Hagrid’s