Do leading reservations still work for dining?

I’m looking at my dining plans, and in a perfect world I’ve got some tough to get reservations (PPO at BOG and Crystal Palace, Artist Point) fairly early in my trip. I’m considering making a longer overlapping reservation to open the booking window a little earlier so it isn’t a frantic rush at 6am, and then cancelling after. I know this loophole has been closed for FPPs, and I know there are debates over how ok this is at all, but from a purely logistical standpoint, does this still work?

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I know I’ll get dark looks for this, but I used a leading reservation for ADRs back in April. I have a split stay with a party of 7, so I made a leading-overlapping reservation so I could book all my ADRs at the same time, and also didn’t have to stress out about availability with a larger party. I cancelled the leading reservation a few weeks later, and all ADRs are still there. Good luck to you.

Same, did one for November trip since I have multiple resorts for our week. Canceled last week, all is good.
I don’t think those with split reservations should have to miss out on good ADRs…

When you say overlapping, what does that mean? If I want to do a leading reservation for a trip say April 20-27, would the leading reservation need to be April 17-19 or April 17-20 or April 17-21?

It would have to be from the 17th to the 27th.

Split stays have separate booking windows for ADRs, unlike FPs.

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I’m answering for a friend of course, but they still work for ADRs and FPP :wink:

They still work for FPP? No reports of cancellation recently? I still have a leading reservation but my daughters team is looking good and will probably qualify for state in that time frame, so will cancel it more than likely inside the 60 day window though.

I can only confirm that leading/overlapping reservations still work for FPP if you maintain an onsite reservation through your trip. Not sure if you change to offsite after 30 days whether the FPP will stay valid.

That will work for me. Thanks!

Mixed, as usual with Disney.

I would say that the DIS seem to have had enough people reporting losing them to state that it is likely to happen. Some people even tried a get-around by cancelling and immediately re-booking them after receiving an email, but everyone who reported trying said it didn’t work.

As always, thee are exceptions.

Ok i just want to clarify, I can book fastpasses for my ENTIRE onsite trip even though we switch hotels? However I can not do this with dining? I was under the impression the 60 days started over with each reservation, which kinda stinks. Thanks!

As long as both your resorts are DIsney owned, then yes.

You will be able to book all your FPs at once.
You will have two booking dates for ADRs.

Split stays between DS resorts and Disney resorts often do not get recognised and therefore each stay has it’s own booking window.

Thank you! I remember back when ppl used the loophole of booking 1 day onsite but it opening up 60 days out one by one. When they closed that i recall folks with split stays being upset because they had to book fastpasses multiple times and lost that 60+ X day advantage on the second half of their trip. I steered clear because of this. Glad this isn’t the case anymore.