Do I use TP or Personalized Plan?

I read the unofficial guide for 2019 DL & DCA. Do I use the Touring Plan in the book, or should I make my own touring plan using the lines app?

I highly recommend a personalized touring plan! You can tailor to include only those attractions that interest you and then can optimize to fit the park hours, crowd levels, entertainment schedules, and other factors affecting your specific stay. The annual subscription is one of the best values of your vacation.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with using the TP in the book. It works great if you don’t have strong existing preferences.

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You can do a hybrid - start with one of the pre-made plans online and then adjust to your liking.

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Not matter what park I go to, I start by making my own personalized plan. This way I put in only the attractions I want to see / do. Then I “Optimize” it to let TP tell me the best plan for the lowest queue times. However, that is optimized plan is not always best for me. I don’t enjoy crisscrossing the park just to save a few minutes. Once I know the basic layout of an optimized plan I shuffle a few steps to get them in the best walking order.


Thank you! That is very helpful!