Do I need MVMCP advance tickets?

I’m planning to attend MVMCP in November and there are 3 MVMCP dates during my trip. It’s the week before Thanksgiving so relatively low crowds until the weekend. Is it likely that these dates sell out? I’d like to wait to buy tickets until that week at least, maybe even the day before the event so I can judge based on weather and our level of fatigue (we have 8 park days and 1 rest day (but rest day is not a MVMCP date) planned). Is this a bad idea to wait to buy tickets? With ADRs and FPP ressies going so fast these days, it is hard to imagine being able to wait until close to trip time but waiting would be ideal.

You can reference this link…

Which will show which dates sold out last year and how far in advance. It’s not perfect though. Attendance in general this year seems to be higher so it’s entirely possible we’re going to see a lot more sellout dates. If you’re really set on going I would probably decide at least a week or two in advance because you could find yourself set on going and not be able to.


What @Outer1 said. Remember that you still get the on-line advance purchase discount up until 11:59pm of the day before the party. When we last went we had two possible party days, so we planned on going to the first but had the second as an alternate in case of bad weather. Once we got within the 3-day forecast the weather looked fine, so we bought the tickets for the first day.


MNSSHP definitely seems to be selling out quicker/earlier this year than in previous years. For example this Friday is already sold out. 10/31 has been sold out for weeks and now 10/30 is sold out too. From memory, this is lots earlier than last year. It would be worth watching the availability. As you’ve got 3 dates to choose from, if one sells out then I would then quickly choose one of the other two dates to attend.


We are wanting to go to MVMCP in the first week of Christmas but
can’t decide till we get there. Is there any problem with buying MVMCP tickets a few days prior to the event Tues, Dec 5? Do they need to be purchased well in advance or is there any chance they would sell out on that night?

There’s always a chance they will sell out. Tuesdays tend to be quieter though, and there’s certainly less chance early in December than closer to Christmas.