Do I have to buy Park Hopper or can I just buy and extra ticket Day?

On my trip in October, there is only 1 day I would consider park hopping. That is a Wednesday when there’s not a MNSSHP. I’m sure that MK is going to be packed that day, but we would like to do the Extra Evening Hours for Deluxe Resort Guests. Instead of buying park hoppers could I just have a 6 day ticket instead of 5 day and visit 2 parks in one day using 2 days of the ticket? It’s definitely cheaper than adding park hoppers. Either that or I’m considering sleeping in and trying to stack Lightning Lanes for a late afternoon arrival. Thoughts or suggestions?! :slight_smile:

This does not work, you have to buy hoppers unfortunately. I think sleeping in and stacking sounds great.

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Which is precisely why you can’t!


In theory, it varies wildly depending on your length of stay. A 1-3 day stay, adding park hoppers would be cheaper. Longer stays, adding an extra day would be cheaper - without doing math I’m guessing 4-5 days would be the tipping point roughly…

Should have realized Disney wouldn’t allow me to get away with anything cheaper :rofl: If I might ask your opinion. We plan to do a day at MK and the MNSSHP. We wanted to do Wednesday because of the extended evening hours and bought tickets for MNSSHP on Thursday. I’m worried of Wednesday still being crazy busy and not truly getting as much out of the evening hours. Do you think we should skip evening hours and go on a Tuesday instead that would likely be less crowded during the day?

Tuesday is a party night right? I would probably go then. Days when there’s no party can be seriously crazy.

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Yes it is. That’s what I was afraid of. In theory extended evening hours sounds perfect, but add in all the other factors and I don’t think it will work out as good for us.

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