Do I have time for the Bon Voyage Breakfast?

The reservation finder just found me a 9:15am reservation for the Bon Voyage breakfast on our departure day. Our flight is at 2pm, so we need to be ready for the ME at 11. We are staying at WL. If we pack up our room and leave our bags with bell service and take a Lyft can we make it?

Should I give up this reservation and hope for an earlier one?

I think you’ll be fine, as long as you’ve planned for a Lyft back after the reservation.

If you’re nervous, you can always book this, then restart the finder to try to grab something earlier.

Thank your for the reply. Great idea, I think I’ll do that and hopefully get an 8 or 8:30 time.

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I would try for an earlier one, that could be tight even using Lyft, what about 1900 PF?

I had BVB at Trattoria just 9 days ago. 1.5 hours to eat and meet seems plenty of time to me.

but that only leaves 15 mins to get back to WL

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I think it’s tight too. If there’s a wait to be seated it could be touch and go. I wouldn’t want to do a meal and have to be clock watching or leave without meeting characters.

True enough.

I found that 15 mins was plenty of time to get around property using Lyft. Again… just last week.

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I think you’re like me and always err on the side of caution!

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As always when you think time is tight, check in early. You don’t have to wait for 09:15 to check in.

As for a wait to be seated, I’ll grant that it depends on time of year, but, there were a LOT of empty tables when I was there.

No but equally checking in early doesn’t mean being seated early. I must say that actually we never had a wait to be seated but that seems to be unusual. Though it sounds like it might not be a problem at this one.


I was also being incredibly generous with the 1.5 hours… I don’t expect it will take that long.

Thanks so much for the replies! I have reset the finder, hoping for 8:30ish. If I don’t get another, I will plan to check in early.


I was able to score a 7:40am Bon Voyage Breakfast for our departure day… It’s crazy early, but we will be tired no matter what on our last day, and we can sleep at home :slight_smile: This way we can have breakfast and still have time to let the kids take a quick swim or hit the gift shop before we have to board the ME.

Thank you again for the replies. DD5 doesn’t know about this meal… Tangled and The Little Mermaid are her go to movies lately, I’m so excited to surprise her on the last day :smile: