Do I give Disney gift cards at resort check in?

I’m at Port Orleans Riverside next week and I money on gift cards that I want to use for trip incidentals. Can I give them at check in and have that by the money I use until they run out and then funds be paid for with the credit card on file? If so, is there anyway to keep up with the balance left on those gift cards?

I’m not sure if the hotel will use your gift cards for incidentals there. I think they might need to put them on your credit card. Maybe someone else can give a more definitive answer.

However, with regard to your multiple gift cards, from what I understand, you can now combine the balances of your gift cards to one on the Disney Gift Card website. This should make it a little easier to keep track of the balance.

I’ve seen elsewhere that the resort desk will not accept pre-payment of any kind (cash, gift card). Best practice is to enroll the credit/debit card for room charging, but then swing by the front desk every once in a while to pay off some or all of the current balance with cash or gift cards. The balance won’t be charged to the card on file until you check out (unless you start exceeding the room charging limits).

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I did exactly what @Kevin_Krom is saying and it worked out perfectly. Disney will not hold gift cards on file for you, but it’s a very easy process to visit the desk and pay things down.