Do I even want to ride SDD?

After reading about the crazy rope drop situations mentioned about SDD at HS, I’m wondering how much we want to ride SDD. Is it amazing, or just more popular because it’s new?

Just wondering how long the rope drop will take for it, and if we would enjoy more gettting rides done elsewhere in the park. We (me, DH 11yo twins) will be at WDW for four days and UOR for two. If we don’t get a great spot at RD, should we bail and hope for a same day drop? Or are my kids going to have their hearts broken seeing the ride and not doing it?

Is this HS sacrilege :wink: ?
(Yes I am tired and probably overthinking.)

Yes, you should do it. It was fun. As for doing more rides in the park instead, well that’s the problem. If there were more rides, there’d be less of a draw for SDD. Yes, there are 3 big ones and a medium one right now, but the rest are shows, so what else would you do instead?


It is one of our group’s favorite rides. Fun, not too intense, but quick enough and a good length.

You might study at wait times for it throughout the day and see what they look like. It was posted around 65 minutes on our first day around noon. Unless you are at the front of the rope drop pick you may end up waiting about the same amount of time at the beginning of the day as you would in the middle of the day. In that case, I maybe would ride other rides to take advantage of low morning lines and just resolve to ride SDD standby if there aren’t any SD drops for it. You could always plan to hop in line just before close as well. It’s super fun at night!


When are you going? If you’ll be there when I’m there, you definitely do not want to ride it. That way my wait time will be that much shorter :wink:

Honestly it’s a really great, fun ride. Belly laughter from everyone the whole way through. Not scary, not intense, just crazy good fun.

Skippable? Not on purpose, but if it doesn’t fit into your plans without serious gymnastics, your trip will be fine without it :wink:


haha! Especially because I would be like, “Hey @OBNurseNH , since we’re waiting anyway, can I ask your advice on all the rest of my trip’s plans?” :wink:


Okay, @Ariadne, @DeepInTheHeartofTexas and @OBNurseNH, you’ve convinced me. :laughing:

In all seriousness, thank you. This was exactly what I needed to hear-what makes it a draw, but if everything falls apart, it’ll be fine (which I know is true anyway #perspective ).

Planning this trip in a short window of time in terms of Disney planning, and keeping it a total secret from our kids, so all of your perspectives are such a help!


It’s fun and nice, but not worth more than a short wait, definitely not worth an hour.

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