Do DAS return times expire?

New user and 1st time WDW visitor as of Nov 2018.

My son has significant ADHD and crowds/lines are tough, so I’ve put together a touring plan that makes use of the DAS. I understand the mechanics behind the DAS, my question is whether the return time “expires” if you don’t use it within a specific window?

For instance, when we tour AK, I was thinking of doing a DAS check-in at Flight of Passage first thing in the morning, then spending the morning in Africa and returning to Pandora after lunch. I was hoping to get an after-lunch FP+ for Navi River and then using the DAS check-in to ride FoP immediately after.

A few hours may have passed between the check-in and when we return to ride. Will this plan work? Or do we have to return within a set window of the stated return time?


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I utilize DAS, it’s very helpful for me, especially on non-fastpass attractions.

Return times do not expire, except at park closing. I will grab a return time and then go do other things until we are ready. I’ve sometimes grabbed a return time and not gone back for 3-4 hours. We’ve done exactly your plan for Pandora, grabbed a return time for the ride we didn’t have a FP+ for and then come back when it was time for the FP+ and knock both out at the same time.

Hope that answers your question! Just remember at Walt Disney World you visit the attraction to obtain a return time, whereas at Disneyland you can visit a kiosk in either park.

Also be very clear with the cast member you speak with why your son needs DAS. They don’t need to know about diagnosis or a drs note…it’s all about how the service will help your son. You shouldn’t have any issues. Im sure you know all this as you seem very prepared!

Enjoy your trip!!!

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