Do all the highlights with a 1-2 day hopper?

I’ve most likely had a day freed up in Orlando next weekend (Memorial Day Monday), with a potential half second day (flight at 6 PM Tuesday). I live in San Francisco, so Disneyland (which I frankly prefer) is close enough that I was going to skip WDW this Orlando trip, but since I’m there I figure I may as well do a whirlwind tour of WDW. Was at MK in 2011, the other parks not since 2000.

AK - not much interest, could skip it entirely. Would consider Expedition Everest if that’s worthwhile but may just defer this until Pandora comes around.

HS - Tower of Terror and that’s about it? I mean sure I’ll do the Great Movie Ride if there’s no wait, ditto RnRC. I only feel strongly about this if there’s a good chance all Twilight Zone references will be wiped from both domestic versions in the near future. Also could basically take or leave this park (TZ possible exception) until Star Wars comes along.

Epcot - I’d do most things but don’t feel too strongly about any of it except for having a nice lunch and/or dinner in a country. Certainly Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy for the nostalgia, and Frozen if it’s up and running - Frozen seems like it might be the biggest problem if it’s open, though it might not be?

MK - most is worth doing, Splash and Fantasyland are my biggest priorities. Haven’t seen New Fantasyland (but don’t care all that much).

All this being said, does a hectic 1-day hopper or 1.5 days seem reasonable? What am I missing that I should really think twice about? Remember I do have Disneyland not too far from me. I’ve never been that concerned about shows. A hectic 1-day might even be better than 2 for me, with the 2nd day spent just doing a nice hotel lunch and/or Disney Springs.

This question is difficult. When I have friends talk about going for one day while they are in the area I normally tell them to skip it because they’ll miss 90% of it and won’t enjoy it. Since you’ve been then… maybe?

Frozen doesn’t open until 6/21 so it’s very unlikely that there would even be any kind of soft opening that early. latest reports are that it’s not finished yet.

The other downside is price. A one ticket is so incredibly inflated and then adding PH on top of that just makes it crazy. As much as I love WDW I think if it were me I’d probably either get a one day ticket with no PH and just pick one park or just skip it and do one of many other things available in Orlando. You’d probably get more out of a one day park to park at Universal than one day at Disney.

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Thanks for this reply, almost a year ago!

With the free day, I wound up meeting friends in Epcot; they love to “drink around the world”. We did not aggressively get there at park open, and only did TT, SE, EEA, and the Land in Future World (missing the rest did not bother me). Started the drinking in Mexico, but I didn’t drink that much as I wanted to be able to possibly hop to the MK later without being stopped for drunkenness.

It was a great time, and when we got to the spot near the UK where you can buy tickets, I purchased a hopper add-on for around $54. I had about 3 hours to myself in the MK when my friends headed home.

Splash was closed unfortunately for weather, but definitely got my money’s worth on the rest.