Do All CM's Get the Same Training?

Once again, I was told one thing by a CM on the phone and something pretty different in a CM email response to my Contact Us email asking for the same information. It is getting to the point that I want written verification to my questions so that when I get to WDW, I have proof. Has anyone else experienced this?

Phone calls go to a “call center”. Well, some can actually go to people working from home. Some have never been to Walt Disney World. It is sad, but you cannot depend on anything they say.


I concur, I have also experimented this, unfortunately.

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If it’s improtant I call 3 times and if I get 2 out of 3 similar answers I am usually satisfied, if not I call back and hold for a supervisor.

When I got a written answer that didn’t totally answer my question and was not what I had been told on the phone, I sent it again with the previous email and the response and asked for clarification, I may be reading too much into it, but I feel like the answer that I got came with a bit of attitude.

Part of my original question was whether I could upgrade my ticket to an Annual Pass at front desk of my Disney hotel. The CM that I spoke to said, yes, and since I had a package with room and tickets for 3 adults, I should check in first and then upgrade my ticket at the hotel. Because of the fact that I frequently get different answers from different CM, I sent an email to Disney. That person told me that I would have to go to a Will Call location. Just to see what would happen, I called Guest Services. That CM told me that if my ticket was upgradeable, I might be able to upgrade to an AP at the Lobbt Concierge desk. So that is a yes, a no, and a maybe.

Ha! I think the answer to that question used to be a hard no. Although Guest Services could also upgrade. In the last year or so there have been reports that people have been able to upgrade at the resort. Sometimes they cannot. I am confused why checking in was mentioned? So, I think the answer if maybe, but I would not count on it?

I will try to find my source for this, but IIRC there are certain resort CMs who have the ability to upgrade tickets. So it’s not a matter if “can I upgrade at the resort”, but rather “can this resort CM do upgrades”.

Even to APs? The rule used to be AP upgrades could take place at the parks or DS. Then, Disney said you could do it in the app? With an AP upgrade you need the AP card too. I think if the app actually worked you would still have to go to a window for the card?