Do all 3 mountains in MK on same day

And if you stay on property, you get one of these slid under your door!


Have never seen this!

This is Space, Splash, and BRMRR? Might have to try for it. How do they know? FPP?

That would be cool, we always do all 3 mountains and haven’t had one.

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Did you FastPass all 3 @nslappin?

I am overwhelmed by bitterness that you have this.


Daniel, I love your sunshiney disposition


As I’ve said elsewhere on these forums today, I do have a shockingly poor personality.


I’m with @profmatt - done this numerous times, never got a certificate…

I am with @OBNurseNH, wondering how they know and how to communicate this to Disney so that they know to have the certificate made!

Is it something you can run over to Town Square and ask about at Guest Relations?


I did this on April 6 but was the only one in our group to do it. Maybe everyone in the room has to do it? I wish I got though and it’s something to shoot for next time.

We bad fast passes for all 3. Space was our 4th. It was our first trip. I just assumed it was common. Someone there should definitely ask. Of course they are tracking to know. Now I’m even more curious.


Who is Daniel?

Profmatt = Daniel Craig

(Inside joke based on another thread)


Say WHAAAAAT? He’s hott!

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You saying so will only encourage him (profmatt, that is…not the REAL Daniel Craig.)


I’m aware. I am not aware, however, of how he acquired this nickname.

You’re kind to say so.

But it’s really genetics. I was just born lucky, I guess.


Be forewarned: I’m pretty sure @ryan1 does not ever actually get his question answered to the degree he was hoping to. But @profmatt does get a new nickname, so there’s that. :joy:

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I think @missoverexcited did post the TP blog article about it. Then the rest of us just yammered on lol.

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I didn’t say he didn’t get his question answered. Just probably not to the degree he wanted. He got a lot he didn’t ask for, though! :joy: