DME to a different resort?

We are at CBR and arriving at MCO at 0930. Can I take DME to the Poly to have lunch at Chef Mickey’s instead of going direct to CBR? If so will my luggage make it to my resort ok??

So, officially, no. However, I believe that you can. You put your luggage tags on, and they are retrieved from baggage carousel. We have taken the time to eat at the airport after arrival and then slowly mosey over to the DME check in, to the point where I’m sure that they retrieved our luggage before we checked in. You scan your band before entering the corral area for the buses, and they tell you what line to get into. However, they don’t scan you again, so you can hop into the line of the resort you need. Again, officially the answer is no, pragmatically it should work just fine.

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I have to dispute @manateesmom info.

When we were there in January, they did scan our bands a second time right before allowing us on the bus.
Prior to magic bands, you had to show the printed voucher at the bus.

The best advice I can offer is to simply ask if you can take the Poly bus rather than the CBR bus.

Our bands were scanned twice as well - once when we arrived at the main DME area and once again when we got to the front of our resort’s line before boarding the bus.
I don’t know what would happen if you switched lines and got into the Poly line instead. Would they even notice or care? Give it a try! The worst they can do is direct you back to the CBR line.

I think they would notice that the scan indicated CBR.

Here’s the thing, if you’re going solo, you can try to pull a fast one. If you’ve got family in tow, do the upright thing and make a request to go on a different bus.

Just reread the OP. You’ll want to go to the Contemporary to have lunch at Chef Mickey’s…


So has anyone had success requesting to go to a different resort after DME check-in?