DME - time before departure

I know last year they extended the time from 3 hours before the flight departed to 4 hours before for domestic flights. I just got my DME confirmation eail and they said it’s 3 hours prior. Did they change it back?

It was changed for the holidays last year. And also because there was work going on at the airport.

It may change again for the holiday, but if you already got a time then it’s fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! I didn’t realize it was just for the holidays/construction. Makes sense, we left the weekend before Thanksgiving.

It’s been back to 3hrs ahead domestic for a bit now.

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We are going in December and our TA said it will be 4 hours at that time

@DisneyDayDreamin, may I ask when in December? We are going 7th-16th. I was assuming a 3 hr departure, figuring we were still far enough out from xmas…

Dec 6-12. Our TA told us 4 hours so I was going off of that. I guess I’ll find out once we get there :confused:

Ours today was 3.5 hrs.

Did your ME email have the timeframe? We are going pretty much the same time and mine said 3hrs.

No, I haven’t gotten anything from DME that specifies the return time. Hopefully it will be 3 hours

Ours today was 3 hours.

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