DME return to airport or RideShare

I did post this as a question in my trip report, but wanted to post separately for more to see in case most are sick of following me along.

DME is scheduled for 6am tomorrow morning, my flight is at 920a. I will not have any checked bags, I think anyway. I did bring an extra duffle but I doubt I am going to need it.

So, do you think I would be safe if I scheduled a 7am uber/Lyft pick up instead of DME? I could really use the extra hour of sleep. Or what would be the latest time you would be comfortable arriving at the airport? When I departed Philly on Monday, I arrived a little over 2 hours early and was through security in 5 minutes. I know MCO line can be much longer but I really rather sleep than sit around the airport.

Do you have TSA precheck? I do and with no bags to check would arrive to MCO at 7:50 at the absolute earliest (and that would include time for me to drop rental car after stopping for gas as well).
I would think a 7am car would be fine. 6am is way early to have to leave if you don’t have bags to check.

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No pre-check unfortunately. I too think 6am is just too much.

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Will my droid I built count as a carry on?

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With no TSA I wouldn’t cut it close. Even TSA at MCO can be tedious.

Yes, it counts as a carryon. But if you have one other carryon and a personal try to consolidate to just 2 (put your wallet in your droid box :slight_smile: (sort of kidding)

They won’t worry too much about the size of a “personal item” but three items could get you flagged, especially if it is a full flight

Thank you! I will figure something out. I did bring an extra bag in case I have to check a bag, all depends on how much I end up spending tonight on surprises.

The issue is that some times recently the lines to check bags are an hour long. There have been a few reports of running to the gate after taking DME. If you can avoid checking a bag, I would.

According to the TSA app, regular security lines are about 10-15 minutes, between 8-10am on Fridays.

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Personally, I would not pay extra for ride share to save 60 minutes, but I’m a cheapskate at times. :grin: Two or more hours, maybe …

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Gonna pack now and see how I make out. I’m so torn, never took a Lyft by myself. Crazy after spending 5 days alone I’m chickening out on that but I also spent way more than I planned on stuff so many I will save the money. I mean I’m up on a regular work day at 430a so it still would be sleeping a little later. Haha.

There’s plenty of places to get coffee at the airport, right?


I don’t do rideshare – I’d get up a bit earlier and make sure I’m safely there.

But everyone has their own thing

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Well decision is made. Since I have the Droid to carry on there is no possible way I was fitting everything else in a rolling carry on. I had my backpack and roller on they way down. Ik coming back with more stuff so there’s no way I can do it. Oh well, it’s probably for the best. I despise rushing and feeling like I’m going to be late. Was worried even about morning commute traffic so it’s for the best. It’s my fault for booking such an early flight, next nonstop was 2 hours later but mom guilt came into play and was worried about airline cancellations.