DME, Lyft or Uber?

I’m pretty much a penny pincher but our flight doesn’t arrive at MCO until 5:42pm and we’d like to go to Epcot that evening. I see that DME is free but average ride time is 90 minutes. Lyft or Uber would get us to AoA much quicker than that!

So, worth the $50.00 and get a ride or just deal with a 90 minute free ride on DME?

Keep in mind DME only goes to resorts, not parks. So if it were me and you are dead-set on a park that night, I would use DME for your bags and use Lyft directly to the park (can you even do this? Not sure).

Keep in mind though Epcot usually “closes” at 9pm so you are looking at at most 2.5 hours of park time if you arrive by 6:30PM which means you catch the Lyft by 6PM. Keep in mind Lyft can’t pickup directly from MCO, you will need to request it. I think I waited about 15-20 minutes last time I got a Lyft from MCO. You could toss your carryons in one of the Epcot lockers provided there is room, of course.

If you can, I would just do Disney Springs that night but whatever floats your boat!!

I would stick with DME, because you land at 5:42 you get off the plane by 5:55 or 6pm, out the airport 6:15 and in a Uber, then drive to Disney if no traffic you get there by 7:15 or 7:30 then you have to do something with your personal bags and still go through security its now about 7:45 and you have 1 hour and 15 min for Epcot and you paid how much for those tickets? Keep in mind you said you’re a penny pincher.

This is against the rules. People do it, but at least one person on chat didn’t get their cases and had to go back to the airport for them. I’m a rule follower so I wouldn’t do it anyway though.

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I think the rule is at least one person associated with the bags needs to be on DME. So it would be legal if the group split, 1 rode DME and the rest could then Lyft wherever they wanted.

Personally, I’d just roll with DME as I’m not sure an extra hour (and that’s probably optimistic as you’d need to get luggage) at Epcot is worth $50 but YMMV…

Yes but I assume the whole party want to go to Epcot and so will all travel the same way.

Agreed - I assumed the same - was just offering a “legal” alternative that MIGHT work depending on the makeup of the group, which we don’t really know. Basically I was just trying to build on your good response with a potential alternative depending that let’s DME move the bags but gets most of the group to Epcot quickly. If you have to retrieve luggage, Lyft from MCO to the resort to stow said luggage, then bus to Epcot, I don’t think there’s much time savings there over DME to justify the cost…

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No I agree with you there.

I’m still curious about trying to visit Epcot with that short amount of time. :money_mouth_face:

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Dinner or EMH that night at Epcot and it might make sense. Normal 9PM close and it makes far less sense.

I do enjoy hitting a park on arrival night if possible, but I’d tend to pick the one open the latest in all likelihood…

Perhaps hit Disney Springs instead. Then, timing doesn’t matter so much, but you still get a bit of that Disney experience.

Does anyone know how Uber & Lift work if you have little kids (5 and 2) that need car seats? Are you out of luck if you don’t bring the car seats?

We are meeting up with family that night. We aren’t Epcot kinda people and just wanted to see the fireworks and ride Soarin. We don’t have park hopper tickets so doing that another day won’t work.

Don’t mean to rain on your parade but that might be a tall order. Just seems like a lot of expense for a pretty short time period.

Anyways have a wonderful time.

The sixth day ticket was a freebie. That is the only reason we would even consider going to the parks that night. MK is now open until 1am on Wednesday so we’ll probably hit MK and skip Epcot all together this trip.

We got in early and took a Lyft from the airport to the resort, it was around 30.00. Honestly, I was tired from flying and was glad not to have to be on a bus. We did DME back to the airport at the end of our trip and it was fine, although we left extremely early and were the first stop so we were on the bus while we picked up everyone else heading to the airport.