DME and yellow tags

Help! I have clients that need more yellow ME tags. Can I call and order more for them? They sent them 3 tags but they need at least 2 more. They tried to call themselves but were told that they cannot have more? What should I (they) do? They will definitely have more than 3 bags.

Wow that’s a lot of bags lol. I’ve seen most say they just cut the tags to make more. But i’ll let someone with more experience verify that.

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I’ve also heard of people cutting the tags in half, but I have no first hand experience since I never check luggage. As a result, I have about 30 yellow unused DME tags if you’re interested in sending their stuff all over Disney.

Hmm I think there is a wrong story here. You can certainly call and get more luggage tags. I hope they have time to get them. I was only sent 2 tags, I called and got 2 more.

The tags have all of your information bar coded into them, so they know where to send them etc, sort of like a magic band for luggage, so @MDU tags will not help.

and I quote from the DME booklet:

“Please do not cut the luggage tags. If you need additional tags, please call 1-866-599-0951 at least two weeks prior to arrival”

So there you have it you can get more tags, just not last minute.


I talked to 3 different people at DME and finally got someone to send more tags. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy and they were trying to discourage them from getting more tags? There are 4 people in their family but they were only sent 3 tags? Strange. Anyway, I got it all taken care of. Thanks everyone!

If you decide to cut the tags, be sure to cut them lengthwise, so that you have two long tags. Otherwise, when you arrive you can just go to the DME desk and show them your baggage claim tags so that they can arrange to pick them up and take them to your resort.

Wow! I had no problems at all requesting extra tags, and it was just for me and my DH. Thw woman was very nice, and in less than 5 mins I had more tags on their way.

We don’t know how many bags we will be taking but as we can check up to 4 with SW we wanted to have the ability to do just that. Especially since we don’t want to worry about weight issues.