DLR + Knott's Berry Farm

We have a September trip booked for DLR. After seeing Mammoth’s video on Knott’s Berry Farm I’m considering adding it to the trip. Is it a one-day park? Is it worth extending our stay another day? I’m thinking we’d do Knott’s first then DLR.

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It’s definitely a one-day park, though still a packed single day with seven operating coasters for adults, two water rides, two dark rides, and the train, not counting any shows or food or flat rides.

I’d highly suggest doing Knott’s on a weekday if at all possible. It really gets swamped with locals on weekends, even more so than DLR in my experience given its price point and smaller size.

This review may be helpful:


Thanks for the reply. I should have stated we’re two adults and don’t need to do absolutely everything. Sounds like it’s do-able. We’ll be at DLR for four days with three days of park tickets so even adding a day at Knott’s we should be able to do it during weekdays.

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Then you’ll definitely be able to accomplish what you want in a single day, probably not even a full day.

My only suggestions on a touring plan would be head to GhostRider after rope drop. That always seems to get the longest line and Knott’s slow operations don’t help.

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I’m a knotts pass holder so would love to answer any questions if you have them! As mentioned, definitely rope drop ghostrider. If you are at the gate thirty minutes before park open, you will be one of the first ones on ghostrider. Then you should be able to finish all of the big rides by 12 or 1, when the crowds start to pick up. Two coasters are out of commission right now, Xcelerator and Montezoomas revenge, but there is still plenty to do for a great day!

Thanks. We’re going September 18th so no telling what will be opened or closed by then. Would you recommend getting the Fast Lane? I don’t mind paying extra if it’s helpful, I just don’t want to spend it if it’s a waste.

September 18th will be a great day to visit! I wouldn’t bother with the fast lane, waits will be minimal most of the day. The local crowd comes after school, so it will start to pick up after 4.

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