DLR + DCA in 1 day or two with family of 4

We are going to be in the area for a few days and are trying to decide if a single day with park-hopper would allow us to see both parks or if we should do 2 without park-hopper.

The family has been to WDW a few times, most recently last year for a over a week but the kids have never been to DL and it’s been over 20 years since I last went (pre-DCA)

My gut tells me the 2 day plan is better - what do you all think?

FWIW - Kids loved Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, Test Track, etc at WDW - not so much the slower rides (although we will want to do some of the staples like Pirates of Carib’ and It’s a Small World.)

… oh, and my 10 year old daughter is a Stitch fanatic. If there’s anything Lilo & Stitch themed we will want to make sure to do that!

Two days is better. Hopping is easy there, but certainly not necessary.

I would agree that two days is probably a better idea. You’ll definitely want to see World of Color at DCA one night. It’s definitely in my top two favorite Disney nighttime spectaculars.

I can’t think of anything that is specifically themed to Lilo and Stitch within DLR though but it could be that I’m just blanking out at the moment.

I would do two days. Do the hopper if you can, so that you can maximize your time. DCA closes earlier, so if you are willing to stay until closing, you can go to the DL to close out the night.

If she likes Lilo and Stitch, check to see if the Paradise Pier hotel still has Stitch at the PCH Grill morning character breakfast. Also, you can see Lilio and Stitch on the It’s a Small World ride.

Ah I always forget about the Disney characters in Small World! I know a lot of purists don’t like it but I wish WDW would get this update.

I would second the above comments on two days. We usually do 1.5 days in Disneyland then .5 a day in DCA. We also don’t stay late at night, so depending on your musts you will be able to do each a day.

I’ve been MANY times and know the parks like the back of my hand - and I couldn’t imagine anything less than 2 days; 3-day hoppers is my “usual” when I go. Even a full day with no breaks will not let you see everything in DL, so you’ll have to pick and choose. If you plan it right, you can “do justice” to DCA in a full day.

I’m with @bswan26- There’s so much to pack in to so little time so definitely 2 days over the 1. (I usually recommend that with kids you need 4 days for a proper first time, 3 days if you can power through without breaks in the middle of the day).

As for the Stitch fanaticism: Mickey & the Magical Map show in Fantasyland has a segment where Stitch makes an adorable appearance on stage that she would probably love. The only other places he may possibly show up are the PCH Grill Surf’s Up Bfast as mentioned as well as the Visa Card Member character meet in DCA (not sure if he is a current character or not though as I don’t usually follow along for it, but have read about him being there in the past).

This is my “standard recommendation” as well if someone asks “how many days should I plan?”. But given the choice between 1 or 2 days, I went with the 2.

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Yes! I don’t think there would ever be a Disney parks scenario where you could ask me X days or X+1 where I would choose the shorter amount of days … Even if you had 30 or 31. There’s always something I love to do that will fit into that time!