DLH: Room Views/Requests

We have reservations for a Premium View room at the Concierge (E-Ticket) level at DLH… I’m curious if anyone has recommendations for view requests or if they’re all typically DTD views.
Anyone know in which tower these rooms are, or do they vary?
Finally, since the renovation, do any rooms have balconies anymore?
Thank you all!

I think I replied to one of your other posts about our room in the Frontierland tower… When we stayed in a corner room (I want to say 7th floor) there in May 2013, the room had been renovated and had a balcony.

@len would it be possible to get a room finder/sample views for DL like you have on the WDW side?

Does the UG team have any building/room recs?

So a couple of weeks before our trip, I called to reserve a king bed. Upon our arrival, we were assigned to the Adventure Tower, 9th floor. It was a corner room, very big and spacious with great views of Downtown Disney and Paradise Pier/DCA.
It was absolutely perfect and much more than I’d expected! I wish I could add photos here!

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We don’t get many requests for DLR, and Disney’s less likely to cooperate with us there. But I can think about it.

You might want to ask @GuySelgaJr for room recommendations. He’s there a lot. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks! @Guyselgajr …any preferred floors or tower recommendations from you?

I’ll paste in what I wrote for Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2017:

The Fantasy Tower’s North side looks out on to several massive parking lots, but you can catch glimpse of Disneyland park if you crane your neck to the right. Rooms facing South in Fantasy Tower look out on to the pool and are categorized as Deluxe View rooms. If you opt for Standard view and want a slightly better view of Disneyland, go for odd-numbered rooms XX25–XX35 on floors 7-11. If you want to avoid views of parking lots but don’t want drop the extra cash on a room upgrade, even-numbered rooms XX00–XX34 on floors 2-3 on the tower’s south side are categorized as Standard.

Adventure Tower faces Disneyland and Downtown Disney on the East, and the pool complex on the West. Standard view rooms on Adventure Tower’s East side (odd-numbered rooms XX37–XX67 on floors 2-6) are better than the equivalently priced room in the other towers, instead of parking lots you’ll mostly see trees. Almost all of the other rooms in the Adventure Tower and categorized as Deluxe or Premium views and carry a hefty price tag. If you’re willing to pay the extra money, go for odd-numbered rooms XX37-XX51 on floors 7 to 10 for the best views of Disneyland.

Rooms on Frontier Tower’s North side face the hotel’s pool and most above 4th floor are categorized as Deluxe or Premium views. Avoid any standard rooms facing South (odd-numbered rooms XX69-XX99, floors 2-14) in Frontier Tower as these are the worst views of any of the Disneyland Hotel’s rooms.