DLH remodel/USB outlets

When was DLH last remodeled? We last stayed there summer 2016. I don’t specifically remember if they had the increased built in USB outlets like when we were at WDW last year?

I believe 2016 was when they were refurbishing GCH, so it was prior to that (I think they finished the DLH refurbishment around 2012). They do have USB ports at DLH, but I don’t exactly recall how many. I would say at least 4, but it may be more.

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just got back, there were a couple in the clock radio, but they were loose ports and didnt work very well. some more outlets on the desk. Turns out there is a power strip under the nightstand I could have used, but didn’t find it until the morning we checked out LOL. overall, I would have wished for more ports/outlets even along the walls. we had a hard time keeping our family of 4 charged up including phones, and portable chargers to be ready for when we left the room.

When we are in that position, we will often charge our chargers and tether our phones to the chargers so that they are charging simultaneously. We are a family of 4 and all have devices, so it is often needed especially at DLR. I also invested in a portable charger we refer to as the “brick.” It will charge my phone 10 times. It has 3 USB ports so I can cover most of my family at one time at the parks too.

Yep. We’ve got 2 bricks but they aren’t charge through. And we had a cord crisis and 3 of our lightning cords died on the trip. Good thing I grabbed a few extra from around the house on the way out…

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