DLC, Onsite or Offsite?

We are considering taking our first trip ever to Disneyland next fall!

What are the benefits of staying onsite there?
Do you prefer on or off site?

Our family has both DVC & Hilton points available to use for accommodation.

Not an expert - have always stayed offsite because cheaper, but hotels close by so still easy to walk to the parks.

OOO First trip next fall!! Awesome!! I too am another one who since '89 has stayed off site. If you can do it totally stay at an onsite hotel. They are the bomb! from what I read from my fellow DLR’s. Disneyland hotel I think #1 for hotel and pool~~ though all are awesome! The off site ones I’ve been to are all right there on Harbor Blvd maybe 5 min. walk to park entrance. They have been clean and nice but nothing special. I think you’ll be nicely surprised at how close everything at DL/DCA is . Walking to just about everything. Even offsite hotels all 5 min walk to park entrance. Hope you and your family have an awesome trip next fall!!

We have always stayed off site, until last year when there was a big discount for on-site hotels so we stayed at PPH. Even though all the reviews said it was the least themed and not as nice, etc, etc, we LOVED IT!! The cast members were so great and we thought it was Disney themed and over all much more magical than an off site.

One of the biggest benefits we thought was that you walk through the back of downtown Disney on a tree lined street (which dampens the noise) and then into the GC or DTD, so you never really lose the magic of Disney while you walk in, whereas staying on Harbour, you can’t escape walking down a very non-magical busy, commercial road. :frowning:

If you have DVC points I would totally suggest you book a room at the GC - to be able to just walk into DCA would be so awesome- it is a beautiful hotel and would let you pretend you weren’t really in the middle of downtown Anaheim, :smile:

On-site is our preference. Have stayed at DLH and PPH, but think most DVC-ers stay at GCH. Once you leave the confines of the parks/onsite hotels/DTD, it just isn’t the same. Not to say we don’t stay off-site, because we do, but on-site is preferable for us. EMH is every morning at 1 of the 2 parks (no evening EMH at DL), that extra hour in DCA alone makes it worth it to us! Walking just 10 min through DTD to the parks is great, some offsite places are just as close, but then you have to leave the confines of Disney property which I prefer to do only at beginning and end of trip. PPH may not be as fancy as DLH or GCH, but it is much better (to us) than the 1950-60’s era hotels near the park. I might be a hotel snob though :smiley: If off-site we usually stay further from the parks (down Harbor about 2 miles, that’s where the Hyatt, Homewood suites, Marriott suites and similar are). To me, if this is a 1 time trip, it is definitely worth the money to stay onsite.

We did both in our first trip this year to DLR. Stayed at GCH and while it was nice and access to DCA was neat I don’t think it was worth the price increase over offsite. EMH is nice but we didn’t get near as much done during it as we thought we would (and there onsite for 5 days we should have).

You can get some really nice offsite places with lots of space for much cheaper. We stayed at Crown Plaza Anahiem and took their shuttle in, easy peasy. I’m a total onsite girl at WDW (I need to be in the bubble) and I was shocked at how much I like offsite at DLR.

I do agree with wahohokie though if its a once in a lifetime trip splurge and do onsite.

I do know one of the benfits is early entry to the park. Though not sure if it’s both or not and if it’s everyday of your stay.

There are the usual benefits like early entry and package delivery to hotel and not leaving the bubble- but also things like amazing pools, amenities, and comfortable beautiful rooms. I’ve stayed in many hotels all around that area over the years and none can compete for luxury. But only if that’s what you want. You can get cheap and clean and near offsite restaurants walkable distance. It’s all about your priorities.

Thanks everyone for your input :slight_smile:
We are considering doing a quick week at WDW before heading west to DL. DL may be a one time thing so you guys are making me think we can’t afford to miss out on the on-site experience :wink:
ATM thinking use our Hilton points to stay at one of those near WDW (out of the bubble!? :hushed:) & save DVC points to use at DL… Getting all excited just at the thought! :laughing:

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That sounds like an awesome plan… OH you guys are going to have soo much fun at Disneyland and California Adventure!!

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We are also planning a trip to DLR for November-if you stay on-site do you get to use extra morning every day they are available or just one morning that you have to choose? Thought I read it was only 1 day

It may be only one morning but it’s been so long since we’ve stayed onsite. When I find out for sure will let you know… Hope your family has an awesome time in November!!

If staying onsite you get early entry every day. 3 day or longer tickets will get off-siters 1 early entry at DL only.

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Thanks for explaining, I was confused about this also!

Is it 1 hour before opening?
Also I am correct that there are no extra hours after closing like PM EMH, it’s just AM at DL?

Right… it is one hour before opening and no extra hour after closing… ( now that would be awesome!!)

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DLR generally stays open later than WDW, so EMH would be REALLY late (12 midnight in summer), so they only do Early Entry. I’ts available every day for onsite guests: M,W,F,Sun for DCA; Tu, Th, Sat for DL. Since so many more people stay offsite at DLR than WDW, the EE, especially at DCA and when EE is at 7 is really a benefit, you can get a lot done. With the one magic morning at DL for offsite guests with at least a 3 day hopper, the DL EE is more crowded then the DCA EE.

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