DL3/DCA7 - How does this happen?

Prepping for our trip in early July. Trying to fathom how this kind of disparity in the Crowd Calendar happens? DL is a 3 while DCA is a 7? I have a hard time imaging that’s how things will actually pan out…

Should I take these numbers at face value and make it a DL day, or take these numbers with a grain of salt? Thanks!

All I can say is that the TP crowd calendar for DLR last week was way off, majorly underestimating crowd levels. So grain of salt?

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Is there an event in Disneyland causing it to close early?

Definitely take it with a grain of salt, but it could be lower due it being a weekend in July where the day ticket prices are astronomical and there 2 of the 4 types of passes blocked but also the 3 days (July 4-7) before are blocked for a 3rd pass so less out of town passholders will be around and if it’s more of a local crowd, DCA is the preference to reserve because it’s the more chill out park (and they can hop to DL after 11am anyway).

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