So, one of the Youtube channels I follow normally does DL videos. He went to WDW’s 50th. In his first video from MK he keeps saying “wow, it’s so big.” We’ve been to WDW several times and I’m currently planning our first visit to DL. Am I going to be going around thinking “is this all there is?”

Ha! Yes it’s much smaller but very magical. It’s just different.

Yes, DL is more compact but you can walk/hop back and forth between parks if you want. DL has also done a MUCH better job of holiday decorations and parties. In many ways I think DL is better than WDW, but they are just different.

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Yes, think “more compact” not “small”. WDW has practically unlimited space, so things are spread out. DL has to fit basically the same number of attractions into just a small fraction of the acreage.

For me, that’s a huge positive. Everything just feels so much easier.


What is the current park hopping situation at DLR? I was thinking one full day at each park and a third day to do things we missed or want to do again.

I agree with everyone else. The compactness is actually nice to me. My family won’t run across a WDW park for shorter lines, it is just too much, but I will do it at DLR.

The theming is still spectacular at DLR. The mainr exception might be Fantasyland. At DL it is very compact and more old school Boardwalk style. But it also feels.like Walts original park and has so many cute old school rides.

To your question 3 days will definitely work. And I would break it up the way you suggest.

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You can park hop at 1:00.

I hope you love it! I think it’s amazing and the smaller size of the hub and castle is just part of the charm. So much greenery around the castle too! At MK it feels like so much concrete. Great for nighttime spectators but lacking in daytime ambiance. I love WDW too but MK is my least favorite park of the six because it is so much like DL but not DL.


Three days is the minimum, I would say. If this is a once in a lifetime trip, I would try to add a fourth.


It’s a one-and-done trip, but we don’t need to do All The Things. Parades are not our thing. We don’t have children, so we don’t have to do ALL the kiddie rides (there are a few I like and DH indulges me). Our first priority will the attractions that are unique to DL and DCA. The second priority is the attractions that have a counterpart in WDW, but are different (Pirates, Small World, etc.). I get motion sick, so he goes on the “throw up” rides without me and I can certainly find other things to entertain myself while he does.

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Having just done DL for the first time, the only thing you’ll probably think that about is the castle itself—Cinderella’s castle is much grander. I knew DL castle was smaller, but was surprised by how much so. Otherwise, very much appreciated the compactness.

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100 with everything you said about Disneyland. There is something here missing in Florida and honestly I think it’s charm.

Having gone to both DL and WDW in the last month (and being a long-time veteran of both) Disneyland feels more like home to me - it has a charm and warmth that is lacking at WDW.

WDW has more awe and wonder. It’s much larger and there is so much more to eat, see, and do.

There are about the same number of rides, though. Disneyland uses its space much more efficiently. Also, you can spend way less at Disneyland and still have quick access to the parks thanks to good neighbor hotels.


How do you compare holiday decor? From the pictures that @Wahoohokie shared DL has done 1000% more than WDW. And their Halloween party is better too. I don’t think this is a Chapeck thing. I think this is the regional mgmt thing.


Holiday decor is very big at Disneyland, and I do think they do it better, at least for Halloween. I haven’t seen Christmas at WDW, but Disneyland Christmas is very lovely as well.


I’ve been to both for Christmas and DL does more then too. I’ve been very disappointed with Halloween :jack_o_lantern: decorations here at WDW


As I’ve mentioned, DLR will be a one-and-done trip. We haven’t been able to travel in almost two years so we have money saved up and are splurging on Grand Californian.


I’m looking at going in September 2022. What’s driving me crazy is not being able to plan around when attractions will be closed for the Halloween overlays / decorations. I don’t care if we’re there before or after the decorations are done, but I don’t want to be there while attractions are closed. Currently booked for early September which I thought would be safe, but then this year was different.

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