DL Ticket question

My last trip to WDW Nov 18, we didn’t use one of our 6 day MYW tickets. The tickets has since expired however the money value should still be available in my MDE. When I called WDW they said I needed to straighten the ticket out at Guest Relations outside the parks…the question is…we are headed to DL, do the systems talk to each other and would I be able to use this expired tickets value to purchase DL tickets? Or is WDW one ticketing system and DL a different one?

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The 2 ticket systems are different, or at least different enough that DL has the Disneyland App and WDW’s equivalent is MDE. The systems may talk to each other somehow as there one type of Annual Pass that is good at both US parks so for someone who has that pass both systems need to be able to recognize it. However, I often hear of people with this pass having issues at the park where they didn’t purchase the pass at recognizing the pass as a valid pass.

My advice would be to call Disneyland Guest Relations & see if they have encountered this before & would be able to apply the value of the 6 day WDW tickets towards DL.

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