DL or DCA on Friday or Saturday?

If I have two days at Disneyland/DCA Fri and Saturday, 9/8 & 9/9. Which park will be least crowded to visit on Friday or Saturday? Based on the lowest sum of the days on the crowd calendar it seems like Fri-DCA (3) and Sat-Disneyland (4) = total of 7. The other way around is Fri-Disneyland (2) and Sat-DCA (6) = 8. But I’ve heard that Saturday is the worst day to visit Disneyland. Plus Disneyland has early morning on Saturday, so based on WDW experience, early morning days are the day to avoid that park. So avoid Disneyland on Sat, but that doesn’t match the lowest crowd calendar sum.

Thank you for any advice you may have

If you have hoppers, it’s almost a moot point because it’s so easy to go back and forth between them. If you don’t have EE, then go the park that doesn’t have it, at least for RD. Pre DCA Saturday was always the worst day to go to DL. Now, with DCA in the mix, I would imagine that DLR, as a whole, is busier on Sat than on Fri - as a general rule of thumb.

Resort CL is usually calculated as the average of the two parks vice the sum; I don’t understand your cross-park math. What I get from your CL numbers is theis:

Fri: DL=2; DCA=3; Resort=2.5
Sat: DL=4; DCA=6; Resort=5

Regardless of which park you visit, the crowds are going to be smaller on Fri than on Sat. I would definitely do DL on Fri and DCA on Sat if I didn’t have hoppers. Even with hoppers, I’d start my day that those parks, and then see how it went.

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Saturdays always seem to be packed at Disneyland… So get there early and if its bad then hop on over to DCA. If you dont have hoppers i would do DL on Friday then DCA on saturday.