DL Genie +

So almost all of the online sites I normally use are showing what the genie + LL+ rides will be for WDW…that’s great and all, but any news on DL-

My hope is webslingers will be the optional buy a boarding group-

Any ideas what will be genie+ or lightning lane?

They haven’t said anything, yet. However, if you look at WDW as an example… they have almost every ride that was a part of the old FastPass system now a part of G+

IMHO - DLR will use G+ on every ride that already used MaxPass. I doubt they’ll add more as they’d need to rearrange or redo a lot of queue lanes.

IMHO - You’ll get 2 paid options at DLR & DCA

If I had to guess…

DLR - Rise of the Resistance & Space Mt.

DCA - Webslingers & RSR… (although I could see GotG being in place instead of WS)


You think Space over Indy?

I would be very happy if it was Indy vs Space, but space usually was the first to run out of FPs at DL. Note* This was prior SWGE.


It was a tough / close call when I was thinking about it. They both have similar waits often. The deciding factor, in my guessing, is that Space is on the other side of the park, It spaces them out and Space is the more “famous” Disney ride.

Of course, maybe they don’t want to “Sci-Fi” rides together… Remember, I’m only speculating…:wink::grin:

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