DIY Grey Stuff

I want to make some Grey Stuff at home as part of the themed staycation day I will be taking on our FPP day.

Have any of you ever made it at home? I must say that googling recipes doesn’t make me that excited to have it as most of them include instant pudding mix and Cool Whip, which are not things I normally cook with. (I am 100,000% on board with Oreos, though.) I’m thinking I might just be able to do a reasonable facsimile with real whipped cream and maybe mascarpone…


I don’t have any suggestions, other than I’m coming over!

Come on over! We’ll also be brunching on Mickey-shaped waffles, organizing travel-sized toiletries, and eating spaghetti and meatballs for dinner while watching Lady and the Tramp.


I’ve seen the recipe. It could be adapted to NOT use instant pudding mix if you prefer, although it would be a bit more work since you’d have to cook the pudding yourself then let it chill before mixing in the cool whip/whipping cream and cookies.

That’s a great idea to make an event out of FPP day!
I’m stealing it

It’s basically a vanilla mousse with ground Oreos stirred in; finding a recipe shouldn’t be difficult.